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We look forward to welcome you inside a world that exudes classic menswear with a modern twist. We are taking personal service to the next level, and uses innovative technology to give you a different, and better customer experience. So drop by any of our stores for a cold drink or a warm coffee, and let our experienced custom clothiers introduce you to our fabrics, and our Custom Tailoring concept.

A tailored wedding

Our Custom Tailoring concept is perfect for weddings. We do 3-piece suits, white tie, morning jacket, tuxedos and trousers and blazers, and with more than 10.000 fabrics to choose between, we guarantee you will find the perfect outfit for your wedding.

Founded in Copenhagen

Mond was founded in Copenhagen in 2011, with the ambition of revolutionizing the way we buy and wear clothes. We combine outstanding customer service and groundbreaking technology to create a new standard in our industry. We call it the tailoring revolution.

The gift with the perfect fit

With a giftcard to Mond of Copenhagen you are giving the recipient much more than new clothes; you are giving the gift of the perfect fit and a customer experience out of the ordinary. We offer both physical and online giftcards and all are valid 3 years from purchase.

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Our most luxurious white shirt – the Superior White Twill Journey, created for the demanding businessman or groom that wants their shirt to look neat all day.
Weaved in 100% long fibred Egyptian cotton in the highest quality from the Italian Thomas Mason.
The fabric is a part of our 'Journey' collection - a collection of fabrics given a treatment that makes the fabric less prone to wrinkles. The shirt still needs ironing, but the Journey-treatment insures that the shirt remains crisp the whole day.

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Fact of the day 💡
Did you know that #loafers actually have origins from Scandinavia? Their design was inspired by the shoes worn by Norwegian farmers. They eventually became to be known as the shoes we all recognize and love - the loafers.

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Job opportunity for Denmark 🇩🇰

Bliv en del af holdet!
Vi leder efter en ny salgselev og en fuldtidsclothier til vores butikker i Hellerup og København.

Hvis det er dig, eller en du kender, så se mere om begge stillinger på vores hjemmeside og send en ansøgning til info@mond.dk

Vi glæder os til at høre fra dig!

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