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Mond's Guide to the Groom & Guest

The Groom’s Check List


Do you know what's on your to-do?

Planning a wedding usually entails long lists of checkpoints and to-do’s. Regardless if you are highly involved in the planning, or trust your significant other or a wedding planner to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, it is a good idea to know what – traditionally – is on the groom’s to-do list.
Did you know that according to tradition, the groom is the one to choose the wedding bouquet? With this checklist, we ensure that you are well prepared for your upcoming wedding, read along to check that you are on top of all your responsibilities.
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Check these off in good time (10 - 8 weeks before)

Your full wedding outfit.
Whether you choose a custom tailored outfit or not, the first check mark on your list should be the suit, shirt and shoes to allow time for adjustments. At Mond of Copenhagen, we recommend you to come in 9 weeks before your wedding. Your full wedding outfit should include:
  • Suit / Tuxedo
  • Shirts (yes, plural*)
  • Shoes
  • Cuff links & Shirt studs
  • Tie / Bow tie (always opt for self-tie)
  • Socks
  • Belt or suspenders (if your trousers don’t feature side adjusters)
*Rumour has it you can get quite sweaty during the ceremony.Opting for two shirts to be able to change into a fresh one before the dinner might be a good idea.
Traditionally, the groom and best man’s outfit should match, so this might be a good occasion to shop together.
Flowers (wedding bouquet & boutonnieres)
Yes, you read this correctly. According to tradition, (and do check in with your significant other on this one!) the groom is responsible for picking the flowers and ordering the wedding bouquet. Make sure to order bouquets for potential flower girls, as well as boutonnieres for yourself, your best man and your dad.
Morning gift
You will most definitely receive a lot of gifts for your wedding, but none will be as special, as the one you choose for your spouse. Spend some time finding the perfect, personal gift and keep in mind that personal always trumps price.

While you're waiting for the big day (7 - 1 weeks before)

Bring your clothes home
Try everything on and wear it for about an hour to ensure everything looks, feels and fits the way you like. If you have been part of buying your best man’s and dad’s outfits, make sure they do the same.
Schedule an appointment
With your barber or hairdresser for the week leading up to your wedding. If you are sporting a beard, go for a trim the day before. P.S. now is not the time to try the highlights you’ve always wanted or trying a new style.
Practice tying the knot
If you don’t know how to tie a tie or bow tie, it’s a good idea to start practicing in due time to avoid the stress on your wedding morning. We are working on a custom video for you, but for now, you will be able to find a lot of guides on YouTube.
Break your shoes in
There is nothing worse than blisters from new shoes – especially on a day where you will likely want to dance until the morning. Insight: high-quality shoes need to be broken in as well! It’s all about stretching and shaping the shoe to fit your feet perfectly.
Write your speech
Your speech doesn’t have to be able to compete with an Oscar winner’s thank you speech, but you do want to start thinking about what you are going to say well in advance of the wedding. Even if you are uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd, we strongly suggest your wedding day should be the one day in your life where you make an exception and say a few, personal words to your partner. They will remember your words forever – even more so if they know you’re usually not the one to give speeches.

Final days (a week before the wedding)

Take care
Eat well, get enough sleep and avoid fatty foods, alcohol and sugar (they show on the skin).
Prepare your outfit
Remove all tags, wash your shirts (max. 30 degrees – for full safety: wash the shirts alone) and iron when still moist (medium heat), take you suit out of the bag and let it hang to uncrease, remove any stickers from your shoes.
Pack you bag
Remember the morning gift. Apart from toiletries and a spare set of clothes for the day after, pack an extra pair of socks (for when your socks get cut at midnight) and a spare pair of boxers to change into before the party (related to aforementioned ceremonial sweat…).

On your wedding day

Hydrate & eat
Drink plenty of water and make sure you get something to eat (not too light, nor too heavy).
Remember the rings and your speech!
Give the rings to your best man for him to keep safe until you need them in the church. Put your speech in your jacket pocket.
Shine your shoes
And check again that you did in fact remove any stickers.
Socks before trousers
Put your socks on before your trousers to ensure your socks are pulled up as high as possible and to prevent ruining the lock-stitch in your trousers.
Nail the knot
The perfect length of your tie is where the front blade kisses your trouser hem.
Never button the lowest button on your jacket or your waistcoat. If you’re wearing a tuxedo (with only one button), this needs to be buttoned. Un-button your jacket (not the waistcoat) when seated – this is much more comfortable and will prevent your jacket from creasing.

The final things

If you are anxious that we’ve forgotten something on this list, call your dad, your best friend, your best friend’s dad, your best man, a sibling, or someone else who knows you well – as long as you don’t call your future spouse! (Unless it’s to say that you’re thinking about them and that you can’t wait to see them in the church) In fact…
Call your significant other to let them know you can’t wait to marry them!
Still have time?
Call your mom to say you love her and that you look forward to seeing her soon.
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