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The Escorial X.

Exclusively woven for Mond of Copenhagen for our 10th anniversary


Feels like wearing a second skin

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we wanted to create something special.
With our most distinguished customers in mind, we set out to find a fabric that checks all the boxes across comfort, drape, feel and durability. We found it in escorial – the rarest merino wool fibre in the world.
The escorial wool fibre is naturally coiled like a spring, which allows the fabric to stretch and prevents creasing, as the fibres pull the fabric back in shape. The feel of escorial wool is soft and smooth like cashmere, but the durability matches that of traditional wool, which means you get both softness and durability – two properties rarely found in the same fabric.
As for the appearance of the suit, the drape is unparalleled to any other fabric we have worked with, and the sharkskin-weave that we chose, reflects light in the most elegant way.
The result? A suiting fabric that not only looks amazing, but makes wearing a suit feel like wearing a second skin.
But hey, don’t just take our word for it. We asked Swedish style icon, Andreas Weinås, to test the fabric for us and his feedback came down to two words; “absolutely incredible.”


The rarest wool fiber in the world.

Escorial is a luxurious and rare wool from a small sheep originating from the Spanish Royal flocks of “El Escorial”, today only to be found in small numbers in Australia & New Zealand – in the only three flocks in the world.
The Escorial difference is in the heart of the fibre, performing as a naturally coiled spring. This flexible characteristic creates a fabric that is incomparable in drape and resilience with a distinctive soft handle.

Custom tailored Escorial X as full suit

10.999 DKK

Custom tailored Escorial X as trousers

4.199 DKK


Custom tailored Escorial X as jacket

6.999 DKK