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Custom tailored wedding suits & tuxedos

If ever there where a day, when you deserved to look your absolute best, your wedding day would definitely be it. 


Why choose custom tailoring for your wedding day?

With a custom tailored suit you are guaranteed that your clothes will fit perfectly and feel comfortable to wear – even if you are usually not the type who wears suits. Also, you are able to pick the exact fabric and design that will create your dream outfit, and add personal details such as initials, special lining and buttons.


Since 2011, Mond of Copenhagen has dressed more than 10.000 satisfied wedding customers for their big day. We would also love to assist you in creating your dream outfit – regardless if you know exactly what you are looking for or if you are seeking inspiration.

Custom tailoring - clothing as it should be

Fundamentally, we believe that clothes should fit your body – not the other way around. Our custom tailoring concept is simple: clothes sewn uniquely to you based on your measurements and design- and fit preferences.

We apply innovative technology such as 3D body scanning and a fully digitised customer journey combined with exquisite fabrics from the most iconic mills in England and Italy, solid craftsmanship and thorough knowledge of all aspect of classic menswear.

We are also known to deliver an unsurpassed customer experience – we hope we get to prove this to you.

Created for you - down to the last detail

Besides fabrics and design, you have the option to add all your personal details such as special inner lining, your wedding date embroidered inside the jacket, your initials on the shirt, and more. 

Fabrics of the finest quality

Our more than 11.000 fabrics all come from iconic mills primarily in England and Italy. Each and all of them are weaved on proud traditions with special attention to sustainability and quality. Regardless what you are looking for, we guarantee you will the exact fabric to create your dream wedding outfit among our wide selection.

Innovative 3D body scanning technology

We were the first to introduce 3D body scanning as an integral tool in our custom tailoring concept. In just shy of 30 seconds, the scanner takes more than 400 measurements, which provide an extremely precise measuring of your body's unique shape.

Group measuring for weddings

If you are three or more who are looking to create a custom tailored outfit, we offer a 3-hour private session with a dedicated clothier. During the session, we will service you with some light snack, coffee and drinks. Additionally, you receive a discount of 800 DKK per person when you buy a suit and shirt.

The tailoring revolution.

We are in the 21st century, we are sending tourists into space and have autonomous cars driving in the streets, yet we are all somehow content to wear mass-produced clothes that were made to fit as many as possible, without ever fitting anyone perfectly.

We want to change that.

You feel more comfortable and your confidence increases when you wear clothes that fit you perfectly. Your clothes are created to last for a long time – durable, quality fabrics and seam allowance ensure that we can repair and adjust your clothes for you over time. We do not initiate the production before you order the clothes, which eliminates excess production and waste of materials. It is about time to demand more from your clothes. We do.

More than 10.000 satisfied wedding customers

4,9 stars on Trustpilot

Jonas D.


"My brother and I were welcomed by the most service-minded staff imaginable and everything was smooth as we were guided through the - for us - insane process it is to create your own suit. We each ended up with the perfect, personal suit. I have never regretted choosing Mond of Copenhagen to create my wedding outfit. They 100% lived up to their reputation and good reviews. A fantastic experience!"

Rene H.


"My experience with the team was that they were extremely professional - from the first email I wrote them to the pick-up in store and the final adjustments of my perfect wedding suit. I was guided and supported by their clothier all through the process and felt at ease and confident with every decision we made. Very competent staff that I would highly recommend."

Cedric F.


"My brother, best man and I came to Mond of Copenhagen to create the perfect outfits for my wedding. We had an idea of what we were searching for, and through experienced guiding from our clothier, we identified the perfect fabrics for creating our dream look. The result was amazing! I have never received so many compliments, and I felt confident, proud and extraordinarily elegant. A unique experience I would recommend any time."

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